Membership Categories & Dues

Active Primary MEMBERSHIPS:
An active primary member shall be a person who is the owner or responsible party of a business, school or training facility which is engaged in driver and/or traffic safety education/training or related activities. This membership also makes the business, school or training facility including all locations of said entity a member of the association.
Dues: $40.00

Active Associate MEMBERSHIPS:
An associate member shall be a person who is attached or belongs to the same school as a primary member. There must be a primary membership in order for an individual to qualify for an associate membership. Dues:  

Institutional MEMBERSHIPS: 
Institutional members shall be any institutions, agencies or local businesses interested in supporting driver and/or traffic safety education/training activities. 
Dues: $100.00

Corporate members shall be those organizations which wish to support the purpose of the Association. Acceptance of a corporate membership shall in no way bind the Association to support philosophies or policies of any corporate member, nor to support or participate in projects or undertakings of said corporate member, nor imply that the Association’s name or logo can be used in promoting corporate business activity without approval from the Executive Committee.
Dues: $150

Honorary MEMBERSHIPS: Honorary members shall be persons recognized by the Association for their outstanding contributions to driver and/or traffic safety education/training. Dues: Dues are waived

Retired members shall be Active members who, upon retirement, may select retired status on the next dues renewal date.
Dues: $10.00